Have you renovated your home recently? While you may be enjoying the fresh new look, there’s a chance that your HVAC system’s vent cover looks a bit out of place. You may be considering getting a decorative vent cover, but how will such a decoration affect your system’s performance? Our experts take a closer look at this question here.

HVAC System

What Are Decorative Vent Covers

Decorative vent covers are actually just vent covers with a unique design, something other than the usual horizontal slats. Some covers have a secondary filter to keep out smaller particles, while others are simply-shaped grids designed to go over a duct.

Vent Covers & Airflow

The biggest concern when using decorative vent covers is airflow. Because some covers have different profiles, there’s a chance that they can prevent the air from flowing smoothly. On the other hand, some covers with non-standard filters may end up filtering the air efficiently, compromising indoor air quality.

Considering the Free Area

In order to make sure a decorative vent cover won’t compromise the system’s performance, you have to take consider the “free area”. This term defines the amount of surface area of a grill that allows air to pass through. A good rule of thumb is that a vent cover must have a free area as large as 75% of the duct’s width and height.

Consulting the Experts

If you’re not sure about whether you’re getting a decorative vent cover that’s “safe” to use, you should consider getting help from experts. Get in touch with a certified air conditioning repair expert and see if they have vent covers that won’t compromise your HVAC system’s airflow and general performance.

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