During the winter season, demand for heating services is at an all-time-high. After all, it’s important to keep your home warm and comfortable at this time of year. One of the components that you have to pay special attention to during this season is your heat pump, because it’s critical to your heating unit’s operation. In today’s post, the trusted name in HVAC and indoor air quality, AC & Refrigeration Works, shares the possible reasons why your heat pump may be shutting off prematurely.

Heat Pumps

Inaccurate thermostat. Your heat pump might be short cycling due to an inaccurate thermostat reading. When this happens, it turns off in heating and cooling modes before the proper temperature is reached. This issue can be resolved by adjusting the thermostat’s heat anticipator. You can do this on your own by reading your unit’s manual or contacting your local technician for assistance.

It’s also possible that your thermostat was installed in the wrong location. HVAC contractors say that your thermostat should be placed in areas that aren’t hit by sunlight, outdoor air or cold drafts. It must be placed in areas that are at room temperature in order to get the most accurate readings.

Clogged air filter. Your heat pump has an air filter that prevents airborne contaminants from being absorbed by the system. However, if your heat pump’s filter isn’t regularly cleaned, it’ll clog up and cause restricted airflow. In turn, this will lead to overheating that will automatically cause your heat pump to shut down. Make sure that your air filter is regularly inspected and cleaned or replaced monthly so that it stays in proper working condition.

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