The best time to contact an HVAC company is before serious problems arise. Prevent emergency calls by investing in regular maintenance and inspection of your heating or cooling systems. However, sudden HVAC issues due to various factors are inevitable. In case of an emergency, you must act immediately.

When Should You Call for Emergency HVAC Repair Services?

To help you prepare for such circumstances, AC & Refrigeration Works lists some warning signs you need emergency HVAC services.

Power Issues 

Call a technician if your HVAC system does not respond even when on. This problem does not usually happen, but it can be a threat to your heating or cooling device. Power issues indicate there’s something wrong with the electrical wiring of your HVAC thermostat.

Poor Airflow

A weak HVAC system is prone to clogging, resulting in insufficient ventilation. One way to improve the indoor air quality of your home is by checking your heating or cooling appliance first and having it replaced if necessary. However, if your HVAC system is perfectly fine, then it’s time to contact an emergency contractor to repair your appliance. Poor airflow indicates several issues, which can escalate quickly when left unaddressed. 

Burning Smell

If your HVAC unit emits a smoky odor, it usually means that your appliance is overused. This unpleasant smell comes from the dust, debris, and other residual elements your HVAC motor burns away. 

Fortunately, the burning odor disappears quickly with regular HVAC maintenance and tune-up. 

If the smell gets stronger, shut down your heating and cooling unit immediately. You should also check for excessive filth buildup, foreign objects, damaged HVAC motors, or broken wires. If you find any of these, request an emergency HVAC service.

Screeching Sounds

When your compressor is under excessive pressure, screeching sounds can be produced. Turn the system off immediately to prevent further HVAC damage. After that, call a heating or air conditioning repair contractor for emergency service. 

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