Some HVAC service calls are minor inconveniences and can be fixed with simple troubleshooting. Others, however, are major issues and are qualified as emergencies, especially if they lead to a significant loss of comfort. But what causes them? AC & Refrigeration Works takes a look at some of the most common.

What Causes HVAC Emergencies?

Presence of Leaks Inside the Unit

Inefficient heating and cooling is often a sign of an underlying problem within the HVAC system. One of the most notable is a refrigerant leak, which can have devastating effects on the unit. For one, it will cause the system to run longer and work harder than usual to reach the desired temperature. This, in turn, causes some of its components, including the compressor, coils and refrigerant lines, to suffer damage. Be on the lookout for bubbling or whistling sounds on your air conditioner or heat pump — it means that there’s a refrigerant leak, necessitating a thorough inspection and repair from a certified technician.

Weird Smells

Hearing or smelling something unusual out of your HVAC system is also an indication of a problem. More often than not, it is deemed an emergency and must be addressed immediately. For instance, you should turn off your gas furnace if you notice an odor similar to that of rotten eggs. It’s possible that there may be a crack or a disconnection in the gas line.

Electrical Issues

Your HVAC system may malfunction due to an electrical issue. It is considered an emergency if there are bad connections or issues with the wiring components inside the unit. The capacitors and the compressor inside may also have trouble doing their function, resulting in mechanical failure. While parts replacement would suffice, HVAC contractors may recommend replacing the entire unit, especially if they find compressor failure.

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