An air purifier is a small device designed to remove various types of particulate matter from indoor air, including mold spores, cigarette smoke, emissions from kitchen appliances, dust and outside contaminants that make their way inside the house. It will draw in the polluted air, filter out and trap particles, then blow out fresh air.

 Purchasing an Air Purifier

It may not be the ultimate solution for addressing poor indoor air quality, but choosing the right air purifier can still help you and your family breathe a little better and a little easier. Here trusted HVAC contractor AC & Refrigeration Works shares some important things to consider before purchasing one.

The size of the space. Figure out in which area of your home you want to place your air purifier. This way, you can choose the right size for your space. A small, portable unit won’t be effective in a large living space, while a heavy-duty purifier could be too much for your child’s bedroom. Take note of the device’s “air changes per hour” to find the best fit. This metric can be found on the air purifier’s list of specifications.

Type of pollutants. Air purifiers can help improve indoor air quality, but they vary in terms of the type of pollutants they can filter out. This means that some are slightly better at getting rid of pet dander and dust than, say, cigarette smoke and fumes from cleaning supplies.

Clean air delivery rate. The air purifier’s clean air delivery rate, or CADR, is also something you need to consider. This metric is developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) to help consumers understand how effective the device is at filtering different particles in a room of a specific size. For instance, an air purifier that can filter out pollen and has a CADR of 200 can minimize the concentration of pollen in the indoor air at the equivalent of adding 200 cubic feet of fresh air per minute.

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