While there are many home repairs that can be done the DIY way, heating and air conditioning repairs shouldn’t be among them. In today’s post, residential and commercial AC and refrigeration contractor AC & Refrigeration Works shares the risks of performing DIY HVAC repairs.

hvac technician performing central air conditioning repair

Safety hazards — HVAC systems utilize large amounts of electricity and present a greater risk of electric shock to untrained people. Accidentally shorting the wires can damage your home’s electrical system. which could result in a fire or damage to other electrical components or electronic equipment in the house. Leaking refrigerant also has to be handled carefully. Accidentally inhaling refrigerant vapors can result in sudden oxygen deprivation.

Higher costs — DIY is supposed to help you save on money, but DIY air conditioning repair may actually cost you more than simply working with a professional would. Central air conditioning repair requires tools and devices specifically-designed for troubleshooting, diagnosis and repairs. They’re not exactly common household tools, so if you don’t already have them, you’ll have to order them, even though you probably won’t use them again. There’s also no guarantee that DIY repairs will fix the problem. It’s not uncommon for HVAC technicians to be hired to fix DIY repair mistakes.

It may be Illegal — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict laws about handling systems that utilize refrigerants. This includes residential and commercial refrigerators and HVAC systems. In many areas, only certified professionals are allowed to perform repairs, which would make DIY HVAC repairs illegal. If you’re unsure if this law applies to your area, it’s better to play it safe and hire a local HVAC technician.

Voided warranty — Most of today’s HVAC warranties count unauthorized modifications as an exception. This means you could void your warranty coverage if you perform DIY repairs. Even substituting small components or using a different type of refrigerant can count as unauthorized modification. If your HVAC system is still under warranty, simply call your HVAC contractor.

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