If you’ve been wondering how you can make your indoor air quality cleaner, healthier and safer to breathe, then the iWave® Bi-Polar Ionization Air Purifier comes highly recommended. Whether you have a residential or commercial building, you’ll surely benefit from having an iWave device installed on your HVAC system. AC & Refrigeration Works explains what you need to know below: 

indoor air quality air purifier

How Does It Work?

The iWave Bi-Polar Ionization Air Purifier uses two emitters to create equal amounts of positive and negative ions. When the ions are injected into the air stream, this creates a plasma region that can break passing pollutants and gases down into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor. 

When the same injected ions come in contact with mold, bacteria and viruses, they remove the hydrogen molecules from the pathogens. Without hydrogen, they then die because they have no energy source. The ions also attach to allergens such as smoke, pollen and other particles. This causes them to band together until they’re large enough to be caught by air filters. 

iWave’s technology generates the same ions created by lightning, waterfalls, ocean waves, etc. Nature uses ion energy to break apart molecules and naturally clean the air. In the same way, the iWave air purifier helps create a healthy indoor environment. 

What Are Its Benefits?

One of the biggest reasons why professional air conditioning repair technicians recommend installing the iWave is because of its advanced air purification capabilities. Compared to other air purifiers, this patented technology (called needle-point bi-polar ionization) uses carbon fiber brushes to produce a refined electrical charge to proactively and safely clean the air in residential and commercial facilities. This means iWave technology produces equal amounts of positive and negative ions that react and break down allergens, pathogens, smoke particles, odors and VOCs in the air. 

When you have an iWave air purifier installed by a professional, you’ll be creating a healthy environment in your home without producing any harmful byproducts. iWave is OEM-approved and can be installed in any air conditioning or heating system. It also has a three-year warranty, so you can be sure of its self-cleaning capabilities and consistent peak performance.

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