Setting your home’s heating system to ON or AUTO during the winter can significantly impact your energy costs. Making an informed choice between these two settings requires an understanding of the climate conditions in North Attleboro, MA, the quality and efficiency of the HVAC system installed in your home, your personal preference on desired temperature levels during the winter months, and monthly cost comparison between utility bills with each option selected (ON vs. AUTO). 

Should I Set My Heater to ON or AUTO This Winter?

Difference Between Setting the Heater to ON and AUTO

Setting the heater to ON means it will constantly run regardless of indoor temperature. Setting it to AUTO will allow the HVAC system to monitor and maintain a set temperature, cycling on and off until the desired temperature is reached.

Factors to Consider 

When deciding which option is best for your home, there are several factors to consider. These include the following:

Climate Conditions and Average Temperatures in the Area

North Attleboro, MA has an average temperature of 25 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 degrees Celsius). Even though it might be freezing outside, you don’t need your heater on if it’s still comfortable inside. You can set your thermostat to “auto” mode to keep things warm enough without worrying about getting too hot or cold. 

Quality and Efficiency of the HVAC System Installed

Due to the quality and efficiency of your home’s HVAC system, setting your heater to ON or AUTO will affect its cost. If you have an older, less efficient model, keeping it on all winter may save you money. Setting it to AUTO on a newer, more efficient model may save you money over time.

Personal Preference on Desired Temperature Levels During Winter Months

Your winter temperature preferences will also affect which solution is appropriate for your home. If you prefer a warmer home, turning on the heater may save you money. If you prefer a colder indoor temperature, AUTO will save you energy and money over time.

Cost Comparison between Monthly Utility Bills with each Option Selected (ON vs. AUTO)

Consider North Attleboro’s electricity rate when comparing monthly utility expenses. This depends on your area and energy provider. You may estimate how much money you may save by turning your heater to ON or AUTO this winter based on your HVAC system’s quality and efficiency and your preferred winter temperatures.

Hire Reliable Contractors for Regular Inspections and Repairs in North Attleboro, MA

Finally, it is critical to hire dependable contractors in North Attleboro, MA, to perform regular checks and repairs throughout the year. By doing this, you’ll help make sure that your heating system works well and efficiently all winter, and you’ll save money on energy costs over time.

If you need assistance making this decision for your home, or if you would like to schedule a regular inspection or air conditioning repair, contact us at AC & Refrigeration Works in North Attleboro, MA, today. Our team of well-trained experts can help you keep your heating system in good shape. Call us at (956) 255-7227 or fill out our online form today for a free estimate!