Texans aren’t strangers to the occasional storm, but aside from the typical high winds and heavy downpours, you also need to watch out for thunderstorms. Sometimes, they’re severe enough to cause a power outage in your area, shutting down appliances and equipment in your home, such as your air conditioner. AC & Refrigeration Works, the premier air conditioning repair company in the area, shares how you can reset your AC unit once the power comes back on below.

Turn off your AC system via the thermostat. As with your computer, you’ll need to shut down your air conditioner before you can restart it. One of the simplest ways to do this is with your thermostat. Just look for the system switch on the device and set it to the OFF position.

Shut down the air conditioner at the circuit breaker. Once you’ve turned off the AC with your thermostat, you’ll need to do it again, only this time at the circuit breaker. Locate the switch for your HVAC unit at the circuit breaker and set it to OFF.

Turn the AC back on at the circuit breaker. Now that you’ve completely shut down your air conditioner, you can begin turning it back on. Go ahead and flip the AC switch at the breaker back to the ON position.

Take a 30 minute break. It will take some time for the air conditioner’s internal circuitry to reset after you’ve turned the system back on. A half hour will do, so sit tight until then.

Switch on the air conditioner at the thermostat. Once 30 minutes have passed, go to your thermostat and turn your AC back on. A successful reset means your air conditioning system hasn’t been damaged during the power outage. If it still won’t start, you might want to call a trusted HVAC company like AC & Refrigeration Works for a comprehensive inspection and possible repairs.

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