Weak HVAC airflow is caused by several reasons, and it can be hard for homeowners to pinpoint and address the exact problem. If airflow issues are left unnoticed, they can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. It’s best to consult a professional to help you deal with HVAC airflow issues before they get worse.

Poor HVAC Airflow

In this article, trusted HVAC company AC & Refrigeration Works lists some of the most common causes of airflow problems and their solutions.

Improperly Calibrated Thermostat

If your thermostat is not calibrated correctly or has malfunctioned, it can impact your HVAC airflow. You’ll know your thermostat is incorrectly calibrated by checking the indoor temperature using a thermometer. If there’s a discrepancy of more than 1 degree, you should recalibrate your thermostat.

To fix the airflow issue, check the batteries if you have a battery-operated thermostat. If they are working fine, open the cover to check for dust and debris. You can use a soft brush to remove the dirt stuck inside your thermostat. 

Clogged Air Filters

The air filters are responsible for keeping the good indoor air quality in your home. Depending on your usage, they need to be cleaned every one to three months to ensure they don’t get clogged up with dirt. If they are filled with debris, they can block the air and restrict airflow. It can also lead to fluctuating temperatures in your home.  

To solve this problem, change or clean your air filters regularly. Ideally, you should clean them after around 250 hours of use and replace them at least once every three months. You can also use smart devices to help you monitor the cleanliness of your air filters.

Incorrect Ductwork Size

Oversized ductwork is not effective in maintaining air pressure. This can result in low pressure and uneven distribution of cool or hot air. Undersized ductwork, on the other hand, restricts airflow and prevents balanced air distribution in your home. 

The only solution to this problem is to replace your ductwork with the correct size. To get more specific advice, consult an HVAC professional. 

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