It’s understandable that homeowners would make full use of their air conditioning system during the summer. But by the end of the season, you may notice that your AC unit has become overworked, or “stressed”, which can lead to a number of problems later on. In this post, a trusted source of effective indoor air quality solutions, AC and Refrigeration Works, shares what can put stress on your air conditioner, plus how to deal with the issue.

AC repair
  • Long running cycles. Summer heat in Texas can cause many homeowners to crank up their air conditioning system. Because the AC will have to run longer and more frequently to handle the cooling load, this puts unnecessary strain on its components. When overlooked, the wear and tear can negatively affect the system’s cooling performance.
  • Overheated capacitors. During the summer, air conditioners are more prone to electrical problems. This is because the capacitors are sensitive to heat, which restricts their ability to hold an electric charge. You’ll know the components are compromised when it takes a while for the AC to turn on, or when it does, it shuts down shortly after. A constant clicking or humming noise from the AC is also an indication of a broken capacitor, and should prompt a comprehensive inspection and solution by a premier HVAC company like AC & Refrigeration Works.
  • Dust and debris accumulation. Your AC can pick up dirt and other loose debris during the summer, which can hamper the way its condenser and evaporator coils work. This usually results in a broken and failing motor, along with poor cooling performance. For this reason, take the time to do some light cleanup of your outdoor AC unit. For a more in-depth cleaning, call a local HVAC expert that you know you can trust.

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