Today’s air conditioning units are quieter, more energy efficient and easier to install and maintain than units from decades ago. If you’re planning to purchase an AC unit for your home, be sure to look for one with features that can help you save time and energy and improve indoor air quality. Here’s a closer look at a few of these convenient features:

Energy Saver Switch

In a normal setting, the fan of the AC unit runs constantly even when the compressor is turned off. With the energy saver switch, however, the fan turns on and off with the compressor. This feature helps lower power consumption, which leads to energy savings. When the AC is in energy-saving mode, expect a larger temperature variance, especially when there’s no cool air circulating with the fan turned off.

“Check Filter” LED Light

Many of today’s AC units come with LED displays to notify users of the various operating modes and reminders when it comes to HVAC maintenance. A “check filter” light, for instance, comes on when it’s time to clean or change the filter. This is usually displayed when the fan has accumulated a certain number of hours of runtime.

Oscillating Vents

Imagine an AC unit that has a fixed vent; cool air blowing out of it won’t be evenly distributed throughout the room.  That’s why you need to be sure to check if the unit you want to purchase has an oscillating vent with an internal motor that automatically sweeps airflow coming out of the unit from side to side, cooling the room more evenly.

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