With the fall season just a couple of weeks away, now is an ideal time to get all your air conditioning repair and maintenance needs out of the way early and enjoy the rest of the season in comfort. While fall is moderately mild in Texas, it’s still important to keep your HVAC system in good working order. Nothing can ruin a relaxing fall afternoon like sputtering, inefficient heating and cooling.

Before the leaves start to turn, there are a few essential pre-season maintenance steps you need to take. This will ensure that your HVAC system will do its job with little to no problems when colder days roll around. Here are a few fall maintenance tips from our experts at AC & Refrigeration Works.

Professional maintenance. Most HVAC experts recommend a full inspection and tune-up of your heating and air conditioning system at least once a year. However, in some cases it may be necessary to increase the frequency of doing this to at least once every season. Ask your local HVAC company for any maintenance programs they may offer so you never miss out on any scheduled visits again. Maintenance and inspections are only effective if they’re done regularly by a certified professional.

Change the filters and clean the vents. Your HVAC system relies on air movement to circulate cooled or warmed air throughout your home. Airflow can be restricted by clogged filters and blocked vents and ductwork. Make sure you clean or change your filters at least once every 30 days, or as often as necessary to ensure adequate air circulation. Additionally, clean the vents and registers to remove any dust or debris that might have built-up inside of them.

Upgrade your system. If your HVAC system is due for an upgrade, there’s no better time to get it done than in the fall. Consider retrofitting an air purifier to your existing system to improve your indoor air quality and make your home even more comfortable when the winter season rolls around.

Get your HVAC system ready to face the season with the help of our professionals at AC & Refrigeration Works. Give us a call at (956) 255-7227 or fill out our contact form to schedule a maintenance visit and request a free estimate on HVAC upgrades and installations today.