Digital thermostats are much more reliable than older analog models, but there still may be times when you need to have yours properly reset. As leading HVAC experts, we’re here to provide a quick guide on completely resetting your home’s digital thermostat.

Reset a Digital Thermostat

Reinstalling the battery. Simply turning your thermostat on and off might not be enough for a proper reset. To make sure the device is properly deactivated, you need to completely remove the battery. With some units, you can also trigger a reset by taking out the battery, reinstalling it backwards and leaving it there for a few seconds before reinstalling it the normal way.

Using a paper clip. Some thermostats have a small button only accessible via a tiny recessed hole. Indoor air quality experts say that this is similar to reset buttons found on many phones and other electronic devices. Simply use a paperclip to reach in, depress the button for a few seconds and then release it.

Using the circuit breaker. There are some times when the thermostat has to reset its connection to the main HVAC unit. This can easily be done by locating the circuit breaker for your HVAC system and turning it off for a minute. For extra measure, you can also switch the thermostat completely off at the same time.

When Should You Reset?

There are a several reasons why you’d want to reset the thermostat. If you feel like your HVAC system isn’t warming or cooling your home well enough, air conditioning repair experts say that a reset could help recalibrate the system. Resetting the thermostat after a power failure is also a good way to make sure both the thermostat and the unit start “fresh” and are completely in sync.

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