If you’re eager to revamp your home’s interior, one of the best ways to do this is to pick a new color for your home’s walls. However, this should be done properly to ensure that the paint won’t affect your home’s overall indoor air quality. In this post, the leading experts in HVAC maintenance, AC & Refrigeration Works, shares how you can maintain your home’s indoor air quality during a painting project.

Indoor Painting

Conduct thorough research. If you want to have a safe painting project, don’t start it immediately–wait for the proper time. It’s important to set a schedule for your interior painting project. For instance, you should only start your project on a day when the weather is calm. You don’t want to hold it when it’s raining and you have to keep your windows closed. You can also do it when most of your family members are at work, on vacation or at school.

Your HVAC contractor may warn you that there could be lead embedded beneath the layers of paint. Before repainting your home, make sure to first have it inspected by a professional for any lead or toxic chemicals. If there are any, have them removed immediately. We recommend hiring a contractor like us with EPA certification to remove these chemicals safely. Always remember to keep your windows open during the project to allow fresh air to circulate within your home.

Choose safe paint options. Interior painting projects require specific paint for the job. Don’t use exterior paint for the project, or vice versa. Make sure that you also read the labels on the paint cans so you know which ones have the least amount of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which are harmful to your health. There are two kinds of interior paint: oil-based and water-based. We highly recommend using water-based paint since it has lower chemical emissions than the former.

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