With winter right around the corner, pests and other small animals will set up shop near any heat to stay warm. This often includes your furnace, heat pump, or even your outdoor HVAC unit. When this happens, it can affect your system’s performance and compromise indoor air quality

Of course, keeping your outdoor HVAC unit free from pest infestations is not difficult if you know how to maintain it. However, it helps to understand what can get into your outdoor unit.

Common Pests That Can Damage Your HVAC

  • Insects – Even if some insects are smaller than most animals, they can still deal a lot of damage to your outdoor unit. For instance, ants and cockroaches can damage the unit’s wiring. They can also squeeze through cracks and nest in your outdoor HVAC unit and even your ductwork.  
  • Rodents – Mice and other rodents tend to gravitate toward warmer places where they can build their nests during the season. They’ll likely nest in between the tight spaces in your outdoor unit, causing damage and expensive repairs. And like insects, they can carry diseases that can spread into your home via the connecting ductwork.
  • Birds – They can build nests in areas where they’re concealed from predators and can obtain a good amount of heat. This makes your outdoor HVAC unit an attractive place for them to build one, which may then expose your system to further damage. This can lead to a premature breakdown and costly air conditioning repair as the damage compromises its performance. 

How to Prevent Pest Infestation

Taking a few precautions is one of the most effective ways to keep your outdoor HVAC pest-free. These precautions include clearing the weeds and vegetation growing around the unit to prevent these animals from unknowingly making their way near or inside it. Installing mesh screens to the air vents is also recommended so they won’t get into your home and cause damage. You should also schedule a professional maintenance check so any internal components damaged by infestation can be repaired before the winter season kicks in.

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