With proper cleaning and maintenance, your HVAC system should last the full length of its expected lifespan. You may have the experience to properly clean the majority of your system, but there are certain components that only a professional should clean, such as the evaporator coils. To help you determine if it’s time to have them cleaned, our indoor air quality specialists at AC & Refrigeration Works share what you need to look for here:

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Typical Problems Caused By Dirty Evaporator Coils

Frozen evaporator coil – Dirt buildup on your evaporator coil can restrict its ability to absorb heat, causing condensation, which can freeze up on the coil and eventually force your HVAC unit to break down.

Inadequate cooling – If you notice that your home isn’t getting cool enough no matter how long your HVAC unit runs, there could be a problem with your evaporator coils. Dirty coils won’t be able to remove much heat from your home’s interior, which will force your unit to work harder to keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

How It Should Be Cleaned

Since it’s located within your HVAC unit, cleaning a dirty evaporator coil isn’t simple to do. It can be difficult to access and clean, and if you’re considering DIYing it, you risk damaging some of its components. It’s much better to hire a trusted air conditioning repair technician to do it for you. They’ll have the knowledge and expertise to clean your unit’s evaporator coil with speed and efficiency.

Keeping Your Evaporator Coil Clean

If you want to prevent dirt from building up on your evaporator coil, you’ll need to have it professionally maintained at least twice a year. A trusted technician can inspect your unit and address any issues they may find to keep it running in peak condition. 

You’ll also need to replace your air filters regularly, as a lot of dirt and dust can build up every few months. If you have pets or a family member that has allergies, be sure to change your filter every thirty days. You may also want to consider upgrading to a higher-quality air filter that can remove more particles and keep your interior air clean and safe to breathe.

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