With winter weather here to stay, you may have heard some misconceptions about winter heating. It’s essential to know what’s actually up with winter heating so you can do it properly and save on your utility bills this season. AC & Refrigeration Works, the premier expert in indoor air quality solutions and other HVAC services, debunks some of the most common winter heating myths here.

homeowner checking thermostat

Window insulation is unimportant. This phrase is wrong from the get-go. Any openings in your home, like your windows and doors, should always have an airtight seal so that drafts don’t infiltrate your home and heating energy doesn’t leak out. Make sure any cracks or gaps around your windows are caulked properly or–if you can–upgrade your existing windows to double-paned ones.

Closing vents and registers in unused rooms will save energy. This isn’t the case, because most homes now use HVAC systems that detect and balance pressure levels in each room, allowing for a consistent temperature throughout the house. So when you close the registers and vents in rooms you don’t use often, you’re actually compromising that balance. This makes your system work harder at distributing heat throughout your home. What you should do is make sure all the vents and registers are open, not blocked by furniture or other items.

Setting the system at the highest temperature heats your home faster. Not exactly–HVAC systems heat spaces at the same rate, no matter the temperature you set on the thermostat. Cranking up the thermostat to its highest setting just puts additional strain on the unit, making breakdowns and higher energy costs more likely. Instead of turning off the system before you sleep or go out, just set it a few degrees lower.

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