Refrigeration is a critical part of the operations of restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets. As such, keeping certain systems in top condition is essential. Breakdowns and inefficient temperature control can cost these businesses lost income opportunities, food spoilage and high energy bills. Before such problems result in health department citations and a tarnished reputation, owners and managers should regularly maintain their refrigeration units to ensure better performance and longevity.

Today, AC Works & Refrigeration, your local contractor specializing in residential and commercial AC and refrigeration services, explains the common challenges and problems that afflict refrigeration units.

Oversized Units

Before purchasing a refrigeration unit, be sure that your facility can accommodate its delivery. Measure all doorways and passages from the loading dock or receiving area where the unit will be offloaded to the installation point. See to it that the unit, together with the surrounding delivery materials, can fit through them. The outlet or receptacle should have enough power to handle the unit’s electrical needs.

Improper Installation

Upon installation, the refrigeration unit should be left unattended and unplugged for at least 24 hours. This allows its refrigerant, motor oil and other liquids to settle. It should also be level with the floor. Improper installation procedures can cause a refrigeration unit to work inefficiently early in its service life. Be sure that you work with a reputable AC and refrigeration services provider that has knowledge and expertise on the best practices for installing this critical piece of equipment.

Hot Environment

Commercial refrigeration units must keep up with the demands of food service kitchens. Kitchen storage areas should have large, efficient cooling systems  in order to compensate for the hot temperatures inside these busy rooms. Perishable items like meat and poultry must be kept at temperatures that can limit the growth of bacteria.

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