Central air conditioning is an old technology that’s present in the majority of homes and places of business, yet for all its popularity and prevalence it’s still surrounded by myths and misconceptions. 

To help you distinguish between fact and fiction, as well as satisfy your curiosity, here are six cool facts about air-conditioning:

Ancient Cooling

Evaporative cooling was used long ago in Ancient Egypt as a means to make the heat in living spaces more tolerable. Reeds that had been soaked in water were hung on window sills so the wind could blow on them and make the indoor area a little cooler. 

Cool at the Movies

Homes weren’t the first buildings to experience the welcome technology of air conditioning. Commercial AC and refrigeration were first. Some of the earliest buildings to offer AC comfort were movie theaters. As a matter of fact, this is why we have the term “summer blockbusters”. Air-conditioned theaters invited more people to come in and watch because of the cool comfort. As a result, ticket sales soared in the summer.

Summer for Workers

In the past, summer breaks were for office workers and businesses in the U.S.. The heat in many places of business was unbearable before air conditioning. With the introduction of air conditioning, however, working all year ’round became possible. It even made some hot states like Arizona and Texas more productive.

Wind-Chill Effect

Air conditioning units weren’t the first type of cooling for homes and other properties. That distinction belongs to electric fans, which produce a wind-chill effect instead of actually cooling the air. Electric fans are effective because they help sweat evaporate faster from the skin, resulting in a lower body temperature

First Cool Home

The first fully air-conditioned home was located on 25th Street and East Lake of the Isles Boulevard, Minneapolis. That was in 1913, more than a century ago. 


Air conditioning does help save lives. Before modern air conditioning became available, heat exhaustion- and heat stroke-related deaths were more prevalent. These numbers have gone down by up to 80% over the last 50 years or so as air conditioning has continued to become more accessible. 

Modern air conditioning is more than just a luxury these days: it’s a necessity. It keeps your home and workplace more comfortable and safe. 

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