The prospect of pleasant weather has probably got you thinking about all the fun you and your family can have outside. However, a lot of people also worry about skyrocketing electricity bills due to the fact that they’ll be using their air conditioning a lot. But worry not! There are actually a lot of clever ways that you can cut down on cooling costs without sacrificing your family’s comfort. Here are three of our favorites:

Save on Electricity This Coming Spring

Service your air conditioner. Since you’ll be relying on this all-important appliance before you know it, it only makes sense to have it serviced by a licensed technician as soon as spring arrives. Even simple maintenance tasks such as cleaning or replacing your air filter can lower your energy consumption by up to 15%. 

Open your windows. This may seem trivial, but opening windows on both sides of your house will create a cross-breeze that can naturally cool down your living space without the aid of your air conditioner. This little trick is especially useful in the spring when the temperatures are mild. The key is to open windows on either side of your house, not on the same side. 

Use your ceiling fans. If you don’t already have one, we strongly recommend that you invest in a good-quality ceiling fan. An average ceiling fan, even when it runs at its highest speed, consumes just about 75 watts of power. This means that even if you let it run for 24 hours, you’ll only be spending about 50 cents a day. 

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