We rely on our air conditioners to stay cool whenever the outdoor temperature starts to rise and, eventually, becomes unbearable. However, you can’t keep your cool if the AC equipment itself doesn’t provide sufficient cooling, even when it’s turned on. Local air conditioning repair contractor AC & Refrigeration Works explains a few reasons why this can happen.

AC Not Cooling

Dirty Air Filters

One of the most common reasons why an AC system doesn’t cool a home is because of the dirt and dust that the filters have accumulated. Clogged HVAC filters may prevent the equipment from doing its job, causing inconsistent cooling. Make sure to clean or replace your filters as recommended by the manufacturer. You may even want to do so more frequently, depending on the number of people in your household and whether you have pets indoors. Make filter changes a part of your seasonal home maintenance tasks.

Dirty Outdoor Unit

Your AC unit has two parts: the evaporator (indoor) unit and condenser (outdoor) unit. Sometimes, the condenser unit gets clogged by dust, dirt and other debris and because of this, it can’t do a good job of cooling your home. The best way to solve the problem is to clean the area around the unit. Make sure that the surrounding area is free of any obstructions that might interfere with its function. More importantly, call your local HVAC technician to have your condenser unit cleaned properly. They can also take the opportunity to inspect and maintain it.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant is a fluid that absorbs heat from the surrounding air. Your AC unit needs it to facilitate the refrigeration process. If your AC isn’t cooling well enough, you need to have it inspected by your local technician. A professional can determine whether there’s a refrigerant leak or not. Get in touch with a technician right away if you’re noticing hissing or bubbling noises as you turn on your AC system.

Your HVAC system needs regular care to make sure that it keeps your indoor air quality and comfort consistent. AC & Refrigeration Works can make sure that your AC system is inspected, maintained and repaired properly. Call us now at (956) 255-7227 or fill out our contact form to request service.