Investing in a new heat pump is a huge deal, so you need to make sure to have all your bases covered. One of the most crucial is quality installation. When a heat pump is properly and efficiently installed, it can deliver the excellent heating or cooling performance you expect. Otherwise, a number of issues can arise which could compromise your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. AC & Refrigeration Works, a premier expert in commercial AC and refrigeration, shares some of the common heat pump installation mistakes to avoid here.

1. Leaky ductwork. When your heat pump is installed, it should maintain an airtight connection between the indoor cabinet and the duct system. Leaky ducts can lead to a plunge in air pressure, which can hamper the way conditioned air is distributed throughout your home. This is usually dealt with by repairing, sealing or even rebuilding the ductwork around the heat pump to ensure an airtight fit.

2. Low refrigerant. Another common but serious mistake that’s made when installing a heat pump is not putting in enough refrigerant. When there isn’t enough refrigerant in the system, this can result in performance issues and potential damage to the heating system itself. If you notice a decrease in heating and cooling power from the unit, call AC & Refrigeration Works, a trusted provider of quality AC and refrigeration services, immediately. We’ll perform a comprehensive inspection of your heat pump, evaluate the extent of possible damage and recommend the appropriate solution. 

3. An oversized heat pump. Sometimes, the mistake is made even before the actual installation. It’s important to install a heat pump that’s just the right size for your home. If the system isn’t the right size, it will consume more energy than necessary. What’s more, it can increase wear and tear on the unit. 

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