Since the summer season is almost here, you’re most likely relying on your air conditioning unit more than ever. However, there may be cases in which you get a whiff of a strange smell coming from your air conditioning unit. In this instance, you might be worried about how such a smell will affect your home’s indoor air quality. Fortunately, AC & Refrigeration Works is here to guide you through what these smells mean and what you can do to resolve them.

AC smell

Chemical smell. This means that you could have a refrigerant leak. It will smell sweet, similar to chloroform, and may also be accompanied by low cold air output and icing on the outdoor unit, along with a bubbling or hissing sound. Make sure to have this inspected by your HVAC contractor so they can fix the refrigerant lines and recharge the unit, as well.

Rotten eggs. If you smell something akin to that of rotten eggs, this usually means that there’s a gas leak present. This odor is due to the sulfur additive present in natural gas. It’s highly likely that there’s a gas leak within the vicinity of your HVAC system’s air handler if you notice this smell. If this happens, open your windows quickly, turn off the gas supply, evacuate your house and contact your gas company. 

Burning smell. If you smell something burnt, this is most likely an indicator of an electrical issue, like a broken capacitor, a faulty circuit, a poorly-lubricated motor or a fan belt issue. If you smell a gunpowder-like scent, this most likely signifies a fried circuit board or fan motor. Make sure that you shut off your HVAC unit from the breaker and call your HVAC contractor immediately. This issue could lead to fires if left unattended.

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